Athletic Compression Socks & Sleeves

Professional athletes and weekend warriors alike recognize the performance benefits of compression wear. The use of athletic compression socks and garments has been clinically effective in aiding recovery by improving blood flow. Ames Walker offers men’s and women’s athletic compression socks in a wide selection of styles and brands. Whether you are seeking a light workout enhancer or relief from fatigued legs, we carry something for all your exercise needs. Browse our compression socks for sports to get out there and go harder with energized legs.


Professional athletes and weekend warriors alike recognize the perf... Read More
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Why Wear Compression Socks for Running?

From leg sleeves for running to compression socks for shin splints, Ames Walker’s extensive collection features a variety of product types and compression levels. Graduated compression has been medically proven to aid with recovery by increasing oxygen delivery and improving blood circulation. Athletic compression socks can also help reduce symptoms like swelling and muscle cramps after an injury, as well as prevent susceptibility to injury. To find the best compression level for your needs, please review our Compression Sock and Hosiery Guide. As always, whenever purchasing compression products for medical purposes, be sure to consult your doctor beforehand.