Frequently Asked Questions on Compression Hosiery

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Why do I need compression hosiery?

What does mmHg mean?


When and where do I measure?


How do I know which product I need to buy?


How will compression hosiery benefit me while I'm pregnant?


Does my doctor have to be the one to measure me?


Are open toe options just as effective as closed toe?


Where are the sizing charts?


How often should I wash my compression hosiery?


Do I need a prescription to order with Ames Walker?


Which items are best for men to wear?


Is my purchase on eligible for Flex benefits?


Why are measurements so important for a good fit?


Does Ames Walker file insurance claims?


Does Ames Walker take custom orders?


Why are compression stockings and socks so expensive? Do I have to wear them to get better?


How many pairs should I order at one time?


Why doesn’t the discount code apply to my MSRP item?

 Are ALL of the products sold in pairs?


What is the best compression to wear when traveling?


I wear 20-30 mmHg currently, and plan on traveling soon. Should I drop down to 15-20 mmHg for the trip?


Does your company have any catalogs that could be send to me?


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