Knee High Compression Socks & Stockings

At Ames Walker, we offer the best selection of knee-high compression socks and compression support hose at great prices. Find relief from everyday fatigue and reduce swelling with a wide variety of fashion-forward knee-high compression stockings and socks. From cotton, wool, and nylon materials to mild, moderate, firm, and extra firm compression, we have the knee-high support hose you need. Our knee-high compression hose are sheer, opaque, semi-sheer, or somewhere in between. We even have options for diabetic and sport socks. No matter your needs, shop Ames Walker for the best collection of knee-high compression socks and stockings today.
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Benefits of Knee-High Compression Socks and Stockings

Knee-high compression socks and stockings use graduated compression to improve blood circulation and provide relief to those who are seeking extra support throughout the lower leg from the feet to the knees. In knee-high support hose, the fit is tighter at the ankle than at the knee, meaning the compression decreases as the hose run up the leg. This encourages healthy blood flow through the leg and the rest of the body. High-quality and practical, Ames Walker knee-high compression stockings are an excellent choice for everyday essential wear. We offer something for every occasion, ranging from casual socks to sports socks to dress socks. Browse our selection of knee-high compression hose to find the perfect pair for you, and receive free shipping on all orders! 

If you have questions, contact our team of expert fitters at (877) 525- 7224 for product information and recommendations. For those purchasing for medical purposes, talk with your doctor to ensure you find the best option for your needs.