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loyalty Program

As a rewards member you will earn cash back rewards on all purchases.

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  • How do I join Ames Walker Rewards?
    If you have created an account with us you are automatically enrolled. Simply click on the Rewards link in the upper right corner of our site to monitor your progress If you don’t have an account then click on the Rewards link to create an account and join in the fun.
  • How do I redeem my points for rewards?
    Having points are like having cash to apply to your future orders. When you’re ready to redeem your points on our website, fill your cart and select your discount in the dropdown box at checkout.
  • How do I check my available points?
    Click on the Rewards link and when you are logged in, you will be able to see that you earned. You will be able to follow your activity from the Rewards link on our site.
  • How do I earn points?
    There are many ways to earn points! First, to earn points make sure you are signed up and use the same email address when you checkout. You’ll have already 50 points for having an existing account or for signing up to create an account. Best of all, you’ll earn points with each purchase. For every $1 spent, excluding taxing and shipping costs, you will earn 1 point. You will earn your points for purchases when your order is shipped. Points earned for many other activities are earned virtually instantly. After you earn points you will be able to redeem them on your next order as long as you have enough points to be eligible for a reward. You can also earn points by engaging with us on social media and by referring new customers to us. See the Earn Points section for our list of ways to earn points and look for more ways to earn points in the days ahead!
  • How long do I have to redeem the points I earn?  
    As soon as you have enough points to redeem, you can redeem them on your next order. Your points expire only if you have not been earning points in the program for a period of one full year. Simply check your account to see the status of all your points.
  • What happens when I cancel an order or return an item?
    If you are not satisfied with your order and need to return an item, the points accumulated for that item will be deducted from your points balance. 
  • Can I use points and a promo code from one of your sales on the same order?
    Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to apply a discount from one of our promotions and your points to the same order. Points are a great way to earn discounts and not have to wait on our next big sale! Also, points can be used as discounts off any items we sell.
  • When will I get my birthday points?
    Birthday points are awarded on the date you entered on the rewards page. If you sign up on your birthday, your reward will be granted in delay, up to 30 days.
  • What if I have any other questions about the Ames Walker Rewards Program or wish to no longer participate?
    Please don’t hesitate to contact us as you normally would. See our Contact Us page on our web site, or call us or chat with us online and we’ll be happy to answer your questions. 

  • Disclaimer. This is where our lawyers have to get involved! They told us we must inform you Ames Walker can make changes to our loyalty program at any time. Most likely this means we’ll be making new and exciting enhancements, including creating more ways to earn, However, Ames Walker does reserve the right at our discretion to cancel or amend our Loyalty Program at any time and to not honor the earning or redemption of points in certain instances. Please note that any purchases made with a check or money order are not eligible to earn points for purchases at this time.