Compression Socks for Travel & Flying

Did you know that compression socks for travel can be your best flying aid? Swollen legs and feet are an extremely common side effect of long flights during which you spend a lot of time sitting in a confined space. The lack of movement and inability to walk around can cause poor blood circulation, resulting in discomfort or pain, and in the worst cases, blood clots (commonly referred to as DVT, or Deep Vein Thrombosis).

Fortunately, wearing graduated compression socks can help reduce swelling and discomfort by promoting healthy blood flow, and Ames Walker offers a collection of the best compression socks for travel. Whether for business or leisure, you can travel in comfort with our compression socks from leading brands, like Jobst, Sockwell, and our very own Ames Walker line. Prepare with a pair or two for your next trip and enjoy our fast and free shipping available with every order!

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Benefits of Wearing Compression Socks for Travel

It's not unusual to experience discomfort and swelling during long periods of sitting, whether on a plane, train, or during a road trip in a car— even among those who otherwise have excellent blood flow in their legs and feet. When you're cramped in small spaces with little movement, circulation does not occur as efficiently due to lack of muscle constriction in the calves. Graduated compression socks for flying address this problem by encouraging healthy blood circulation while minimizing swelling and preventing fatigue. Our collection at Ames Walker includes a wide range of brands, styles, colors and designs, including sheer and pantyhose options, so you can find what you need for every mode of travel and attire.

Please be sure to speak to a doctor immediately if you suspect that you have blood clots or DVT, which can be life-threatening if self-treated or ignored. Our compression socks for travel are a great aid for preventing discomforts associated with flying, but as always, be sure to speak to a medical professional first when purchasing compression products for medical purposes.