Choose Comrad Socks for all-day energy, support, and recovery. These socks are designed to support you wherever you go. Ames Walker's collection of Comrad compression socks offers a modern, everyday style with the health benefits of medical socks. We carry The Companion knee-high socks in both 15-20 mmHg and 20-30 mmHg levels of graduated compression. The anti-microbial, moisture-wicking socks are designed with seamless, cushioned toe and heels for extra comfiness. Suitable for everyone, Comrad socks use unisex sizing and also offer extra-wide calf sizes. Comfortable enough for daily wear, these products fit into all lifestyles, offering support for travel, running, pregnancy, recovery, and more. See our selection below to experience the comfort of a dress sock and the support of an athletic sock, all in a stylish package. Never have compression socks looked so good.

Choose Comrad Socks for all-day energy, support, and recovery. Thes... Read More
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If you're considering Comrad compression socks for medical purposes, please be sure to first consult your doctor or a medical professional. For any questions about product styles or fit, reach out to our team at (877)-525-7224 and we'll be happy to help.