The Core Of It All


Whether you are recovering from a back or shoulder injury, or you have weakness or back pain from the extra weight during pregnancy, the key to finding relief – and ultimately gain strength and ability to avoid future pain, is developing a strong core to support your body well through all types of activities.

The core is not just your stomach…it’s actually the entire area of the body from the abdominal wall, the pelvis, lower back and diaphragm. The diaphragm is the main muscle for breathing, which is also a key component in providing the necessary core stability for moving and lifting. Whenever you move, to lift something or even just move from one position to another, (like sitting to standing) the core region is tensed first and a deep breath is taken in, often without realizing all this is happening at once in your body!

Core stability is essential for the maintenance of proper posture, and especially for movements and lifts that require extra effort. Without core stability and strength,  the lower back is not supported from inside and can be easily injured by a strain.

The experts advise that it’s much easier to build core strength at a younger age and just keep it up as you get older, rather than neglect it until you sustain an injury or suffer from chronic pain, and then try to develop the necessary core strength you need later in life.

Contrary to what many think, it’s simply not enough to do hundreds of abdominal crunches and sit ups and work only on that ‘6-pack’. To properly build a strong core you need to exercise a wide variety of muscles  including your hips and back up through your shoulders.

Some exercises that are fun to do, and focus on core strength and stability are Pilates, yoga, and different types and sizes of fitness/balance balls. A certified fitness trainer or a licensed physical therapist could be engaged to develop a great routine with the proper techniques for a variety of core exercises.

Eating healthy, low-fat, high fiber foods and losing any excess weight is also a key component to maintaining core strength and stability.

For those who may suffer from a weak core region, or are recovering from an injury or surgery, there are significant benefits to using a lumbar support, elastic abdominal binder or other support product to assist in healing and strengthening the region. has a number of Core Support  products to choose from to help you on your path to building a better, stronger core.

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