Our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide! Stay Happy, Stay Healthy this Holiday Season!


Need the perfect gift for everyone on your list but not sure where to start? Practical gifts are a great idea, especially if they help support a healthy lifestyle! We've got some gift-giving inspiration for your whole shopping list.


Traveling can cause your legs to get tired and achy from sitting on the plane or car for too long. No matter where they're off to, compression socks can keep them going!

While most compression socks look like your basic, everyday sock, they're much more than that. They help maintain blood flow and reduce swelling.


Travel socks are great for everyone, but if you need a little more support above the calf, our Ames Walker Sheer Support Thigh Highs are perfect! And when you've reached your hotel, relax with your feet up after a long day with the Lounge Doctor Leg Rest to help you recharge faster.



Shopping for your parents can sometimes be the hardest, so we've gathered some of our best products for every day!

How about a pair of our Ames Walker Medical Support hosiery? Highly durable and made with a four-way stretch, making them comfortable for all-day wear, and it's our #1 doctor-recommended product line!

Donning compression socks and stockings can be difficult for some.If you know someone who uses compression hosiery often, they may have  trouble putting on their stockings, so gifting them a donning device, like  our VenoDonner can help! 




Whether you're training for the Boston Marathon or taking a stroll around the park, staying active is a great way to keep you healthy, but adding compression socks can make it even better!

Compression socks and sleeves help promote muscle recovery and reduce any swelling that may occur. One of the longest-running compression brands, Jobst has developed a line of sports socks that are not only great for recovery but are available in fun colors!

Are you looking for sports performance? Look no further than the Sigvaris 412V athletic performance leg sleeves!




The holidays can be a little hectic, so staying cozy during these months can help everyone relax! Slippers are a great gift idea, they're perfect for those cold winter months, but most slippers in department stores don't offer the support your feet need.

Check out the Propet Men's Coleman Slippers or Women's Cronus Slippers- they're diabetic-friendly footwear! Relaxing next to the fire is a great way to stay cozy, but it's even better when you're wearing your favorite pair of compression socks! We love the SockWell Women's Elevation Socks. Whether you're looking for a nice pair of slippers or a fun pattern pair of knee-high compression socks- there's something for everyone, and don't forget to gift yourself something too!

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