May 11th is a BIG day!

Happy School Nurses Day!
Happy Receptionists Day!
Happy 3rd Shift Workers Day!
Today we celebrate some of the most diligent workers around! Your jobs not only demand constant attention and care to others, but also demands much from your own bodies.
Sitting or standing for long periods of time always takes a toll on your overall health. Limited blood flow, swelling, clotting, and other venous conditions arise in many workers of these fields, and many others. Since nurses, receptionists, third shift workers, and others alike are so important, we want to make sure you take care of your health the best ways possible, so you can continue making a difference for years to come!
Wearing graduated compression hosiery has similar effects to applying anti-aging cream to your legs daily. It is often the first approach to improving circulation in feet and legs. They compress the limb, increase valve effectiveness, and relieve heavy, aching legs! Get your pair today at!

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