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Venous Relief Elevation Device (VRED)

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The Venous Relief Elevation Device (VRED) is a patented solution for medically-prescribed leg elevation that a patient can use in a clinical setting or at home. The contoured design anatomically fits the shape of the leg to help prevent pressure points. The VRED can help improve patients' outcomes and reduce healing times for venous ulcers, help alleviate symptoms of lower limb lymphedema and assist medical and home care professionals with donning compression garments on their patients.  

  • VRED ensures your patients' legs are elevated above the heart
  • Patients will be relaxed and comfortable to help relieve anxiety during their procedures
  • The contoured design anatomically fits the shape of the leg to prevent pressure points
  • Assists with wrapping and compression garment donning
  • Safe and effective lower limb elevation for pre, during & post-procedure use. 
  • Approved for lower limb lymphedema, Chronic Venous Insufficiency, Sclerotherapy, Venous Ulcers

Color: Navy

The cover on the Venous Relief Elevation Device features a Pressure Management Fabric. This comfortable cover made of urethane has low interface pressure and is thermally conductive with moisture protection. The fabric is hypoallergenic, water stain and flame resistant, and easy to clean and disinfect. 

Actual Leg Rest Dimensions

Small: 18” Width, 11” Height, 20 3/4” Length
Medium: 18” Width, 11 3/4 “ Height, 23” Length
Large: 18” Width, 12 1/2 “ Height, 24 3/4” Length

Small: 24” Width, 11” Height, 20 3/4” Length
Medium: 24” Width, 11 3/4" Height, 23” Length
Large: 24” Width, 12 1/2" Height, 24 3/4” Length

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