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Leg Rests and Accessories

  At Ames Walker®, we understand the importance of leg health. That’s why we carry Leg Rests and Accessories from The Lounge Doctor. From the Inflatable Lounge Doctor Rest to theLounge Doctor Standard Leg Rest with Cover (also available in extra wide), we have it all.

Why should you try Leg Rests from the Lounge Doctor? They’re the only patented leg rest and best of all, they’re designed by a Board Certified Vascular Surgeon. Properly elevate your legs after a long day. Find a quiet and relaxing place in your home and slowly place the leg rest under your legs. Unwind for a bit while you take care of your leg health. Lounge Doctor’s leg rests are also lightweight, which means you can carry them everywhere you need to go, and Inflatable Lounge Doctor Leg Rest is ideal for traveling.

For over 20 years, we’ve been providing the most styles at the best prices and we even offer fast and free shipping. Browse below to view our selection of Leg Rests and Accessories.

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