The highest quality workmanship, experience, and technological innovation come together with Thuasne USA. Since its origins in France over 150 years ago, Thuasne has expanded its business around the world, providing prescription-quality compression products, from post-op braces to lymphedema garments. Our collection at Ames Walker features an array of Thuasne products to suit your needs, whether you're suffering from lymphedema or other edema-related ailments.

Many of our products feature advanced MOBIDERM technology, which utilizes pressure to help stimulate the flow of lymphatic fluid and optimize drainage. Our MOBIDERM Autofit Sleeve is an excellent choice for those needing mild to moderate compression. As with any compression product, be sure to talk to your doctor before purchasing any for medical purposes.

Effective, easy to use, and comfortable to wear, our Thuasne products empower patients by increasing their autonomy and self-management. Shop our selection below to take your comfort into your own hands.

The highest quality workmanship, experience, and technological inno... Read More
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