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Imagine Less Pain and More Freedom - Do you wake up every morning dreading that first step out of bed because heel pain nearly knocks you over? - Are you frustrated that every weekend game, tennis match or golf round leaves you with aching feet, legs or elbows? - Are your knees or elbows holding you back from doing what you want to do? - Do you want to stay active and healthy throughout your golden years? You are Not Alone. Plantar Fasciitis, chronic heel pain, Achilles Tendonitis, calf cramps, venous insufficiency, runner's knee, tennis elbow; no matter what label the doctors put on your condition, what you are dealing with is pain. Irritating, frustrating, even debilitating pain. What you need is a way to ease the pain and get moving again! That's what ING Source and our OrthoSleeve family of products offer: a solution that is comfortable while providing relief! All OrthoSleeve products are made with Compression Zone Technology, a patented design for medical grade orthopedic support that is anatomically targeted with precision to deliver support and relief exactly where you need it. Each sleeve is made with moisture-wicking, breathable material that is thin and lightweight and can be worn comfortably with any apparel and any shoe. This means you get the support of a light brace without any bulk or discomfort, day or night. OrthoSleeve easing your pain and giving back your freedom.
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