Why Should You Wear Compression Socks and Stockings?

A lot of people are still wondering whether or not compression socks and stockings are truly effective. You will see amateur and professional runners using these as well as other individuals engaged in sports and outdoor activities like hiking and cycling.

If you’d like to feel stronger and run more efficiently, you will discover that these will help. The different types will also produce distinct benefits and relieve pain and discomfort in certain areas. Here’s the 411 on compression socks and stockings.

Treating Different Body Parts

1. Preventing swelling or edema.

Tissue swelling is generally caused by fluids that are stored around the cells of the body. Certain parts of the body are prone to swelling, such as the feet, calves and ankles. Putting compression stockings on will improve circulation and also relieve excessive sodium intake (which leads to bloating). You will find that blood circulation is enhanced by the material and that retained fluid is effectively removed from the area. Various body parts can have compression stockings applied for quick relief.

2. Treating varicose veins.

Varicose veins happen when there are problems with the valves located inside the veins. The veins that are usually affected are those located in the legs. Blood will circulate back into the veins and will lead to symptoms like pain and swelling in the area. People will notice how the veins appear green or gray and enlarged to the point of expanding toward the outer surface of the skin.

When you wear compression stockings, the veins will be placed back in their proper position and blood circulation will be improved in the area. The length of the compression stockings should be based on the actual location of the varicosities.

3. Temperature control.

Many people also like wearing compression socks and stockings because these keep their feet and legs warm in especially cold weather. The increased blood circulation in the area will help generate warmth especially when you are running or hiking early in the morning or if it is extremely cold. A lot of runners like to wear shorts over their stockings.

4. Psychological benefits.

People who wear compression materials are also shown to perform better during races and activities because they feel that these have beneficial and enhancing effects.

Other Benefits

Benefits for Pregnant Women

  • Compression socks and stockings prevent or relieve swelling and edema in the lower legs and feet. The best ones to wear are knee high types.
  • Compression socks can boost circulation since many pregnant women are prone to increased retention of fluids and weight gain.
  • Pregnant women can also work and walk better because these socks will help improve blood flow in the area and increase circulation. Compression socks can relieve pain in the knees and legs.
  • Generally, runners wear compression socks and stockings because they have to ensure that their legs get proper circulation to avoid swelling and the necessity of wearing shin splints.
  • Other athletes like hikers, mountain climbers, and cyclists also wear compression sports socks and stockings to enhance their performance. They will not feel pain and fatigue easily and are more likely to last longer and finish the course if they’re wearing these.
  • Wearing compression stockings and then putting on a pair of running socks and shorts will also keep athletes warm and more efficient.
  • Compression socks and stockings can protect individuals from scratches, cuts, and abrasions when going on outdoor trips or moving through rough trails.
  • People are protected from severe edema when doing their regular activities on a daily basis.
  • Individuals also keep their legs and feet free from dirt and other elements because of the protective covering compression socks offers.
  • Deep vein thrombosis is a serious and common problem among individuals who assume just one position for several hours. The problem is more frequent among travelers because they have to stay in a bus, train, airplane, or car for several hours regularly. The problem occurs when blood does not properly circulate to the legs. Clots can form, leading to more serious problems. Wearing the compression stockings will prevent the problem and relieve pain and discomfort throughout the trip. These work better when people take a few minutes to mobilize and stretch out.

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