How To Put on Your Compression Stockings

Compression hosiery, by necessity, is more difficult to put on than regular hosiery. To ease application...

Follow these steps for easiest application:

  1. Put one hand inside stocking foot.
  2. Hold stocking top with other hand, pull down, turning stocking inside-out.
  3. Remove hand, leaving stocking inside out.
  4. Stretch stocking sideways at heel and slide your foot into the stocking's foot – up to the heel. Be sure to center your heel in the stocking's heel.
  5. Grasp stocking top. Pull up and over the ankle. With a "back and forth" twisting motion, continue working the stocking up the leg.
  6. Make sure heel and toe are properly aligned. Toes should not be cramped. The heavier knit change area in the stocking's ankle should be located over the ankle bone's rotation area.
  7. Smooth the stocking as you work up the leg – removing wrinkles as you go, especially wrinkles over the instep and around the ankle.

To Remove: Hold stocking top and "peel down" the leg and off the foot, leaving the stocking inside-out