Chronic Problems Aided by Braces and Supports

Knee Pain

Mention the word ‘braces’, and many will quickly associate it with orthodontists, teenagers, and payment plans. But for of us who suffer from chronic conditions causing joint pain or pain in other extremities, braces (including supports and splints) can mean the difference between suffering and relief, mobility and movement, and usually the ability to resume normal daily routine and activity.

The list of chronic conditions and ailments in various parts of the body can read like an A to Z alphabet chart. Some of the most commonly occurring are as follows, and they all have a variety of types of braces and supports that are found to be effective in pain relief. Specific braces or supports that are work during the day can offer relief and help alleviate pain during normal activities, as well as avoid possibility of causing more serious or secondary problems in the area. Night splints and compression type supports can also offer safe ways to immobilize and stretch a joint or area to help in relieving pressure and pain during sleep.

Foot and Ankle problems:

Hand and Wrist problems:

Elbow problems:

Knee problems:

Back problems:

While it is possible to make a purchase based on product information made available in a catalog or website, it is important to insure you are choosing the best option for your needs, and your money is being well-spent. To help insure you make the proper choice, has certified fitters available to assist you in selecting the right brace or support to provide maximum relief for your specific problem.