The Leading Leg Rest


Do you sit or stand for long periods everyday? Are you an athlete, or a mommy to be? Are restless legs, or vein problems something you struggle with? If you found yourself nodding “yes” to any of the questions, then we have great news for you!

Introducing our new product…The Lounge Doctor Leg Rest®

Ames Walker is pleased to launch such a satisfying and healthful product. This leg rest has a few qualities that make it quite unique, and it’s becoming clear that Lounge Doctor Leg Rests are the hot, new commodity in the medical market today.

ArtiosCAD Plot

This leg rest does more than just help you feel wonderful after a long day. It is based on science in order to improve leg health by reducing vein size, increasing blood flow, and providing precise angles for each portion of the leg to recover best at!


To start, this leg rest was designed by a board-certified vascular surgeon. He drew from his extensive knowledge in the medical field, to calculate and research the exact angles and measurements, that each portion of the leg should rest at, for optimum results. This leg rest is based on science! In addition, the shape of this leg rest is so important, that it has earned this product the title of “the only patented leg rest” on the market! Another captivating characteristic of this product is the unanimous customer satisfaction rating it continues to receive!

If you don’t believe it, just have a look on the Lounge Doctor Facebook page. There you will find thousands of followers, personal testimonies, and comments, reflecting complete customer satisfaction. While you’re there, click the “like” button to join the revolution. Get yours today at OR give the gift of healthy, rested legs to your loved ones this holiday season. Happy lounging!


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