Stocking Stuffer: Why Sockwell Socks Make the Perfect Present

The ideal Christmas gift is fun and good-looking yet practical and useful. Sometimes it can be hard to balance these two ends of the spectrum, especially because lots of pragmatic gifts seem so boring, like the proverbial socks and underwear. But what if you could find socks that provide the benefits of compression while also looking amazing?

Let us introduce you to Sockwell, the brand on a mission to make the world’s best socks. Not only do their socks provide compression — they also look so good that anyone would be excited to unwrap a pair. Here are seven reasons Sockwell products make a great stocking stuffer:

green grey Sockwell sock

  1. Fun Patterns

If you didn’t know better, you’d think Sockwell socks came from a fancy outdoors store — that’s how cool their designs are. In fact, your gift recipient might not even guess these stylish socks are compression socks unless they read the label. Sockwell patterns are always tasteful, featuring designs such as stripes, dots, chevrons and even damask. Many people want their compression socks to blend in with the rest of their outfits, but you’ll be seriously tempted to roll up your cuffs and show off these good-looking patterns once you see them for yourself.

  1. Work-Ready Designs

But these designs aren’t all fun and games: They pretty much all come in work-appropriate color options such as grey, black and navy. And of course, there are a few plain, solid-colored socks available that will blend in perfectly with the rest of your sock drawer. The unique fabric blend (see next point) and careful knitting result in a sock that’s incredibly high-quality and ready for even the strictest of work dress codes.

pattern Sockwell sock

  1. Performance Material

Sockwell products are fashioned from a unique blend of Merino wool, rayon made from bamboo, nylon and spandex. Merino wool is often used in hiking and other performance socks because of its ability to wick away moisture and keep your feet cool, dry and cushioned. While many people associate wool with being itchy and hot, merino wool is of extremely high quality and very soft to the touch. As an added bonus, wool blend socks can also help fight stinky feet, thanks to the fatty acids in the outer layer of the wool — and less stink means that you have to wash them less, too!

  1. Accu-Fit Technology

Some lower-quality compression socks will stretch as the day goes on, reducing the efficacy of the compression therapy and sometimes even causing the sock to slide down around your calves. Fortunately, Sockwell socks are specially crafted so they won’t stretch out and slide around during a long day. The spandex is woven throughout the entire sock to help it maintain its shape, ensuring that it fits regardless of how long your wear them or whether your feet are swollen.

  1. Made in the USA

Sockwell is committed to positively impacting people and local economies at every step of the process, seeking to preserve domestic jobs. Sockwell’s entire production takes place in the United States, starting with the wool itself. The company has a Home Grown Wool Initiative that it uses to source from American sheep farmers, making sure the wool is sheared from free-grazing Rambouillet merino sheep. And the rest of the process — designing, dyeing and developing — also takes place in the U.S. in states such as Colorado and South Carolina.

dark Sockwell sock

  1. Eco-Friendly Process

Unlike other fully synthetic fabrics such as polyester — which is often made from oil, a nonrenewable resource — rayon is made from cellulose plant fibers. Rayon can come from many different types of wood, and Sockwell has opted for bamboo, which can grow up to four feet per day, making it easy to replenish. Plus, by managing its production entirely within the U.S., Sockwell is also keeping its carbon footprint quite low, another point in sustainability’s favor.

  1. Healthy Benefits

Sockwell products aren’t just good-looking and sustainable: They also offer the benefits of compression therapy. By providing graduated pressure up the lower leg, Sockwell compression socks encourage your blood to keep moving and provide support for your veins as they work against gravity. Compression socks also help reduce swelling and prevent tired, fatigued legs, so if you struggle with these issues, compression therapy could be a great choice for you.

Now, we’re not saying that we’d like to receive a pair or two of Sockwells in our stockings...okay, we definitely are. Try out a pair today for yourself and let us know if they truly are the world’s best sock — because we think so!


About the Author

Kaki Zell - Vice President of Sales, Marketing, eCommerce at Legs-4-Life LLC Kaki holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Management from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. She’s been working in the medical device industry for over 11 years and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Greensboro Science Center.  

Written December 2018 | Page Last Updated December 2021


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