Knee-High Socks and Other Compression Gear for Professional Women

When you’re getting ready for a day at work, you probably pick shoes and clothes that are simultaneously stylish, workplace appropriate and tailored to your specific job. One of the components that’s often missing from the working woman’s wardrobe is compression hosiery. If you haven’t already experienced the benefits of compression therapy, here’s a quick rundown: These garments provide gentle, graduated pressure on the legs and feet to increase blood flow, helping to provide some relief from the aches and pains you might experience after being on your feet all day.

In a professional setting, you want compression gear that ticks all the above boxes —and maybe a few more. Here are our recommendations for compression gear that’s perfect for the workplace.

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  • Compression Hosiery — Perhaps the most traditional option, compression pantyhose typically include sheer to opaque options that cover the entirety of the legs and part of the torso. They are just like regular pantyhose, only they provide graduated compression to offer some extra support while you’re wearing your favorite workplace dresses and skirts. Compression hosiery can also be worn beneath your slacks with or without socks, as they often feature a sheer or skin-toned hue.
  • Knee-High Socks — Particularly well suited to dressy and business-casual settings, knee-high compression socks extend nearly up to the knees and come in pairs. They are shorter than thigh-highs, but work equally well beneath longer dresses and skirts or pants. They’re also a popular choice for wearing with high boots. Knee-high socks come in many unique colors to accommodate a variety of skin tones, outfits and dress codes.


Ames Walker Sheer Support Hose

Ames Walker Sheer Support Hose


  • Open-Toed Styles — Open-toed compression garments come in many different styles, including regular hose, knee-highs, thigh-highs, tights and a variety of other options. Many women opt for the open toe or open foot style when they want a barely-there look for sporting open-toed shoes. Others simply like the feel of keeping their toes open in their shoes. You might want to try footless compression hose if you’re wearing heels or flats with some part of the foot exposed and you don’t want your hose to be visible.
  • Compression Tights — In general, compression tights refer to thicker and more opaque pantyhose that may have open or closed feet. You might prefer these styles if you are wearing shorter skirts or dresses to provide a little more coverage or to add a pop to your outfit. Compression tights come in a huge variety of colors and styles to match virtually any outfit, whether you’re required to dress formally or casually at work.

 Ames Walker Sheer Open Toe Knee-Highs

Ames Walker Sheer Open Toe Knee-Highs


More Reasons to Add Compression Gear to Your Work Wardrobe

Besides providing much-needed compression therapy to help ease your hurting feet after a long day at work, compression stockings also bring many other benefits. Professional styles are often made with high-tech fabrics designed to keep your feet comfortable, dry and odor-free throughout a long day of work. Plus, many products are equipped with extra cushioned support to provide relief from pressure points and sore feet after standing all day.

With so many different styles available, you might feel overwhelmed at the thought of choosing your work-ready compression gear. But don’t fret: You can find more information in our compression sock and hosiery guide, with essential info on sizing, compression levels and fit. Ames Walker representatives also can help you find your perfect compression wear based on your specific health concerns, your workplace dress code and your personal style, so don’t hesitate to reach out.


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