How to Prevent Hammertoes, Calluses, and Other Foot Irritations

For most modern women, walking can gradually become a chore. There are a lot of different deformities and problems that plague the feet because of our fast paced lifestyles. You can get blisters from constantly wearing tight shoes, or you can gradually develop a hammertoe from wearing high heels that force your toes to overlap. Both these conditions can cause a lot of pain and discomfort, and they are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many different ailments that can cause discomfort, particularly for women because of the type of shoes they wear. Luckily, many of these ailments are easily preventable if you use the right products and take the right steps.

Causes of Foot Ailments

Foot ailments can range from arthritis to bunions, but almost all of them have a common cause, wearing poor-fitting shoes. Women in particular normally wear tight shoes that are narrow and constrictive, all in the name of fashion. The second and third  most common cause is overuse from constant foot related exercises, such as walking, running, and traumatic injuries in the event of an accident. Here is a list of some of the most common ailments and their causes:

  • Bunions: These are one of the most common foot problems. A bunion is a protruding bump at the first joint of the big toe. They commonly occur on pronated feet, and occur during adolescence and middle age.
  • Corns: These are formations on the bottom of the foot caused by an accumulation of dead skin cells which make a hardened layer. Development occurs from wearing really tight shoes or foot imbalances.
  • Hammertoes: This is a contraction of the toes were your tendons and ligaments are pressured into curling your toes downwards. Causes can be hereditary, but most women get hammertoes from abnormal foot mechanics caused by wearing tight heels that create a lot of pressure in the toe area.
  • Heel Pain: Heel pains are one of the most common ailments that can affect both men and women. They are caused by repetitive stress on the heel from too much impact when walking. It can cause extreme discomfort, inflammation, and blistering.

The above ailments are some of the most common that normally affect the feet. All of them can be treated and prevented to a certain degree.

How to Prevent Common Foot Ailments

There are many different products that can be used to bring comfort to your feet even when wearing ill fitting shoes. Cushions and special insoles or orthotics can help with discomfort. But it is best to find a pair of shoes that fit properly. 

These products are necessary for wearing the shoes you like with minimal damage to your feet. Arch cushions will make walking long distances much more comfortable while putting very little pressure on your feet. Wearing those narrow high heels or those fashionable flats doesn’t have to be a painful chore. With the right product, you can feel like you’re walking on clouds, comfortably and pain free.

Written May 2013 | Page Last Updated February 2022

About the Author

Kaki Zell - Vice President of Sales, Marketing, eCommerce at Legs-4-Life LLC Kaki holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and Management from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. She’s been working in the medical device industry for over 11 years and currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Greensboro Science Center.  


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