Functional Fashion: 6 Tips for Wearing Stylish Compression Socks

Many people don’t think of compression socks as being at the forefront of fashion. However, multiple cutting-edge brands are making stylish compression socks that combine performance with trendy designs. If you want to look fashionable while keeping your health in mind but aren’t sure how to accomplish that, follow these six tips for wearing stylish compression socks:

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1. Select bright colors.

Of course, plenty of compression socks and stockings come in versatile neutral colors such as black, white, grey and beige. But if you want a more stylish look, these nondescript colors are going to blend into your outfit rather than making a statement. Instead, look for compression garments in solid yet bold colors. For example, the fall collection of Juzo’s seasonal color wear includes hot pink, icy blue and ocean teal. These compression socks and tights will add a pop of color to your outfit without going too overboard.

2. Choose a fun pattern.

If a simple solid color isn’t enough for you, increase your fashion sense quota with fun patterned socks instead. We especially love the SockWell brand for their bold and unusual patterns, which include stripes, chevrons, damask, polka dots, zig-zags, honeycombs and abstract geometric prints. Plus, their socks are made from a high-performance Cashmerino/Rayon blend that provides natural odor control, moisture management and thermoregulation for comfortable all-day wear so you can look good and feel good with your patterned socks. TheraFirm also makes a collection of patterned compression socks, including diamonds, stripes and chevrons in office-ready colors.

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3. Know when to take a more subtle approach.

Sometimes bright colors and bright patterns aren’t appropriate, such as when you have an important meeting at the office. In these cases, try a more subtle pattern in neutral colors to add some interest to your socks while still keeping things professional. For instance, Touch Compression makes several understated but stylish compression sock designs, featuring vertical stripes, an intricate argyle and a fine checkered pattern in colors such as navy, brown and tan. The Microfiber Shades collection from Sigvaris offers some office-appropriate argyle designs with subtle colors if you’re looking for socks with a subtle pattern.

4. Go sheer.

Knee-high compression stockings offer a similar silhouette as socks but offer more options when it comes to material thickness, opacity and foot styles. If you’re wearing a long skirt, sheer knee-high compression stockings combine the look of pantyhose and the length of socks with the benefits of compression. If you need compression for your entire leg, you can also opt for sheer thigh high stockings or full-length pantyhose, which look well under shorter shirts. Some of the sheer stockings even have subtle patterns woven into them as well, such as Jobst’s Ultrasheer Diamond Patterned leggings.

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5. Try an athletic look.

Many athletes of all skill levels wear compression socks to boost circulation while they work out. If you’re headed to the gym or work in a more casual office, try wearing more athletic-style compression socks, which tend to come in bolder colors and patterns. For example, our very own UPSURGE Sports Compression Socks come in the classic black and white, as well as electric blue and bolt yellow. TheraFirm’s athletic recovery socks come in black, white, pink, red and blue. And all of SockWell’s bold designs are made with movement in mind, and their fabric blend will wick away sweat as you run or lift weights.

6. Dress up for the office.

Many people are concerned that compression socks will look outdated and frumpy and detract from their professional look. While that may have been true once upon a time, now many compression socks designs are indistinguishable from their regular sock counterparts. Plenty of compression socks and stockings use the same fabric weaves and patterns of regular office wear for a truly put-together look that none of your colleagues will blink twice at. Whether you want a pair of sheer tights or some nice argyle-pattern socks, there’s a compression stocking available to fit your needs.

Rather than detracting from your stylish look, the right pair of compression socks can actually make you look even more stylish. Follow these six tips to incorporate compression socks into your trendy outfit.


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