Finding the Right Fit: 5 Reasons to Consider Thigh High Stockings

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Thigh-high compression stockings might seem like a serious commitment, but the taller the stocking, the greater the potential benefits. Your feet and calves aren’t the only parts of your legs that can benefit from compression therapy, and thigh-high stockings make sure your knees, quadriceps and hamstrings aren’t left out. We’ve outlined six reasons to consider wearing thigh-high compression socks, as well as some helpful tips for putting on these taller stockings.

Covers the Whole Leg

This may seem obvious, but it’s worth repeating; thigh-high compression stockings cover your entire leg. Benefits aren’t localized to just the feet or calves, but span the entire leg. If you have any issues above the knee, such as swelling, a regular compression sock won’t be able to help you there — but thigh-high stockings will.

Improves Circulation for Entire Leg

Why improve circulation in just your calves or feet when you can do it for your entire leg? Compression stockings gently squeeze the leg to promote blood flow and venous circulation, which can prevent leg swelling and, to a lesser extent, blood clots. Thigh-high stockings ensure you are getting the benefits of compression and improved venous circulation up and down the entire leg, which is especially important if you’re recovering from surgery or have limited mobility.

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Helps Treat Thigh Veins

If you have spider or varicose veins in your thighs — especially along the back of your leg or knee — you can treat them with compression by wearing thigh-high stockings. Compression stockings can reduce or prevent the appearance of these unsightly veins without surgery, and the higher the stocking, the more skin is covered — and the greater your results will be.

Helps Treat Swelling Above the Knee

If you experience swelling above the knee, such as in the thighs, a shorter compression sock won’t be able to address it. But because thigh-high compression stockings cover almost the entire leg, they can help reduce swelling in areas that aren’t reached by a regular sock.

Provides Plenty of Choices

Thigh-high stockings come in many cuts and styles, including closed toe, open toe and footless. They are made of thin, neutral-colored fabrics that are indistinguishable under clothes and comfortable to wear all day long. Thigh-high stockings also come in both sheer and opaque fabrics, and both regular and plus-size thigh stockings are available.

Offers Superior Comfort

As for the practical side, thigh-high stockings are more comfortable to wear all day compared to pantyhose, since a waistband isn’t cutting into your middle. They also make it easier to use the restroom because you don’t have to take them off.

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Tips for Donning Thigh-High Stockings

Because they are so long, thigh-high socks can be a bit difficult to get on the legs. Here are some handy tips for putting on and taking care of thigh-high compression socks:

  • Put them on first thing in the morning before you get out of bed when there is a minimum of swelling
  • Roll the stocking down to the heel, then insert your foot into the stocking.
  • Pull the stocking up slowly, unrolling it over your leg as you go.
  • After you have rolled the stocking up over your entire leg, adjust it so there are no wrinkles or bunching.
  • If your skin is dry, making it difficult to put on the stocking, try applying some lotion beforehand but make sure it absorbs all the way.
  • You can also use a little bit of baby powder or cornstarch on your legs to help the stocking slide more easily.
  • If you find putting or taking off the stockings to still be difficult, you can purchase a butler, gloves or other donning device specifically to assist you.
  • As with any compression therapy product, wash the stocking each day with mild soap and water, then rinse and air dry.
  • If you can, try to own at least two pairs of thigh-high compression stockings so you can alternate between them, wearing one while the other dries.

Thigh-high compression socks ensure that you get the benefits of compression across the entire leg. Whatever your size or style preference, there is a wide range of thigh-high stockings available to suit a variety of needs. If you’re looking for thigh-high compression stockings, browse our selection to find the perfect pair for you today!


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Written June 2018 | Page last updated November 2021


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