Dr. Comfort Diabetic Shoes: Style, Comfort and Quality

Living with diabetes requires significant lifestyle changes to successfully manage the disease, including purchasing the proper footwear that will provide the support and protection necessary. Even though more than 30 million Americans suffer from diabetes, footwear options were often limited for those with the disease—that is, until Dr. Comfort came along.

One of the premier brands in diabetic shoes, Dr. Comfort makes high quality, good looking shoes that unite incredible comfort with attractive designs. Here are eight reasons why our customers love Dr. Comfort diabetic shoes:

Dr. Comfort has a history of making top-notch products.

The company was founded in 2002 on a mission to bring quality, comfort and style to the diabetic shoe industry. They’ve been manufacturing diabetic shoes ever since, and their commitment to these three tenets has never wavered. This long history of great products has helped make Dr. Comfort a leader among diabetic shoe manufacturers.

dr comfort mens worker boot


Its primary goal is to make products for diabetic patients.

The brand was founded specifically in order to make better footwear for patients living with diabetes and other health conditions that affect their feet, including swelling, bunions, hammertoes and more. These customers aren’t an afterthought or a late-to-the-game product expansion. They’re Dr. Comfort’s core audience, and all the brand’s products (shoes and otherwise) are made with them in mind.

The brand’s shoes are designed by experts.

Dr. Comfort diabetic shoes are designed with input from board-certified podiatrists, plus they’re approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association. When you buy Dr. Comfort shoes, you know you’re getting a product that has been vetted by medical experts, not just made up by a regular shoe designer.

Styles are available in a full range of sizes and difficult-to-fit widths.

It can already be difficult to find a shoe that fits if you’re anything but average: narrow or wide, very small or very large. Add in other complications that affect the size of the feet, such as bunions or hammertoes, and the search becomes even more limited. Fortunately, Dr. Comfort shoes come in a wide range of sizes and widths that will accommodate even the most difficult feet. They go from a size 5 in women’s all the way up to a size 15 in men’s, with some half sizes being available as well.


dr comfort womens athletic shoe

All details of the shoes are designed for comfort.

For the shoe exterior, a padded heel helps reduce irritation, while a padded tongue helps prevent friction and improves overall fit. Lightweight construction reduces daily fatigue, a protective toe box reduces risk of injury and non-skid, long-wearing, lightweight outsole increase traction. As for the interior, a firm heel design provides superior support, while an extra wide toe box reduces pressure on the foot.

The brand makes shoes for all occasions.

Whatever is happening in your life, Dr. Comfort makes diabetic shoes that will fit the bill. The company manufactures athletic footwear, dress shoes, casual shoes, sandals, classic heels for women, boots and even slippers and machine washable shoes. Whatever style of shoe you opt for, know that you’ll be getting Dr. Comfort’s signature support and classy designs.

Dr. Comfort shoes unite fashion and performance.

Diabetic shoes have a reputation for being clunky and not that good-looking. However, Dr. Comfort shoes look just like a variety of regular shoes, and their attractive designs will complement your existing wardrobe and lifestyle, blending in perfectly at work and at home. No one will realize you’re wearing diabetic shoes just from looking at them.


dr comfort mens slide sandal

The brand doesn’t only make shoes.

Okay, Dr. Comfort is best known for its diabetic shoes (and for good reason). But the company also makes other products for those suffering from diabetes and other medical conditions that affect the feet, including compression hosiery and even custom 3D inserts. Proper footwear is a critical component of managing podiatry conditions, but you need a holistic solution to address complex foot problems, and Dr. Comfort brings expertise to the game.

If you’re living with diabetes and looking to purchase supportive but attractive shoes, Dr. Comfort is an excellent brand to check out. These eight qualities are just a quick sampling of the many reasons that our customers love this company’s diabetic shoes. And given the style, comfort and quality of Dr. Comfort products, you can’t make a wrong choice.


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