TAKE A WALK – Walking and health for seniors

Walking is excellent exercise. It’s low impact, it exercises the whole body and all of its systems; the bones, the circulation, the muscles and the overall health and vitality of your body. Many seniors realise that their lives, especially after retirement, are less active and more sedentary than they were when they were in active work. Often that reduced activity is a consequence of injury or disease, but often it’s a supply and demand problem. As you get less active your body is demanding less energy and less stamina, and this will only get more pronounced the longer you go without regular activity. But demanding stamina and energy from your body by walking a little every day, and gently increasing the duration of your walks, means that your body will start to provide you with the energy and stamina that you need.

Our theme this week is walking and the health benefits you can enjoy from introducing a regular walking regime into your daily schedule. Of course you have to be sure that you are up to it; some seniors have health problems that prevent them from taking regular exercise, but even with some physical conditions, regular gentle walking is actually therapeutic, as long as it is carefully managed.

So what kind of walking can you do? How can you manage your expectations? What is the best way for seniors to enjoy regular walking regimes safely and with proper support? Join us this week and discover the answer to these and many other questions as we take a walk for health and vitality.

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