Summary of Posts: May 12th 2013

This latest cycle of AmesWalker presents a series of revelations and reminders on proper leg care and the activities and tools we can use to prevent illness and injury. We also got to see how others have benefited from using compression hosiery and learned why these should be part of our basic supplies. Let us know what you think by joining the discussions.

  • Many, especially those aren’t into running, often think that the reason why runners wear those knee-high compression socks is to add style to their outfit. Rachel Booth, local runner and writer for, attests to the effectiveness of compression hosiery on reducing injury and boosting performance.
  • Are you always going on long-haul trips? You might be at risk for developing varicose veins and other related leg injuries. Carolyn Susman of Palm Beach Daily News writes about the experiences of travelers who make compression stockings a part of their outfit.
  • How do we achieve healthier legs? The Isanti County News writes about the Cambridge Medical Center Foundation’s efforts to provide free screening and wellness seminars for proper leg care to locals.
  • Deep vein thrombosis is a serious health condition that can be prevented by the right exercises and products. Suzanne Laurent tells us more about the causes of DVT and what we can do (and use) so it doesn’t happen to us.
  • The St Elizabeth Community Hospital has opened a new Vein Care unit to cater specifically to individuals suffering from various leg-related conditions. Red Bluff Daily News gives us the details on the new division and its services.
  • Finally, we discuss more on the part of our body whose health we often take for granted — our legs. Whenever we subject ourselves to long periods of inactivity, or find ourselves traveling (and just sitting) a lot, we open up to a number of leg-related illnesses and injuries that, if not addressed, could not only be debilitating but deadly. It’s high time we pay more attention to our feet and legs.

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