Summary of Posts: June 2nd 2013

It’s been a very active week. Walking is fantastic exercise and so easy for anyone of any age and ability to use regularly, to enjoy the outdoors and regain some of that health and vitality that you may have thought you had lost.

Starting is the hard part. It’s easy to think that you need to be prepared, and of course the only preparation you really need is to consult your doctor if you have any problems moving around. For the most part, all you have to do is go out the door, walk for 10 minutes and come back. You only have to commit to regular exercise, not vigorous or strenuous. Just do a little every day.

Lets not forget the benefits of regular exercise routines. Your weight will inevitably go down the more you move around. It may be gradual, but it will happen over time. All you really have to do is keep doing it and the benefits to your health and quality of life will follow.

If you suffer with arthritis already, you should only undertake exercise regimes under the close care of your doctor, but walking can be very beneficial to your bone density and your overall flexibility. Taking up a regular walking routine can also prevent or at least delay the onset of diseases like arthritis, keeping your joints supple and free from pain for longer.

Walking aids exist which can support you in your walking routine, and if you have difficulty standing for long periods or walking great distances there are lot of walking aids to assist you. It may be you are aware of the options already but whatever your problem, these days there is almost always some new piece of technology or engineering which can make walking easier or possible.

And finally everyone, no matter what their age, needs expert advice about the kind of regime that is suitable for them, senior people especially need guidance about their unique needs. Being more active takes dedication, something seniors are often better at than younger people, but it also requires faith in your ability to not merely stick with it but do it safely and appropriately for your needs.

Walking regularly provides so many beneficial effects for your body it’s the obvious choice of regular exercise for those who would find cycling or weight training problematic. It improves your vitality, mobility and overall health. Why not walk yourself to a happier, healthier life?

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