Thank you, Kraig W. for sharing your ordeal with us. We believe your DVT story will relate to many others!

“I am a truck driver and had a blood clot from the back of my ankle area to the back of my thigh area. My foot swelled up to the point I could barely put my shoe on. I went to the E.R. where they did an ultrasound, and found the blood clot. I ended up on blood thinners, and yes, socks for a couple of weeks. [I wear] 20-30 mmHg prescription hose when working, and at least light support hosiery when I’m not. A very scary ordeal for sure!”

Regular people like Kraig get DVT symptoms every single day! Take steps to protect yourself today! Compression hose, daily walks, and stretching can get blood pumping at a healthy rate.

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