Can you believe 2016 is flying by so fast? We can’t believe spring is here, and we are starting April tomorrow! Here are a few “feel-good” reasons we’re ready for it!

  • Get ready for Farmer’s Markets! Fresh produce, sunshine, and friendly interaction with our local community is just what we need after a dreary winter!
  • Earth Day 2016 is a great day to put new habits into practice. Plant your first garden, talk morning walks, or relax on your rocking-chair front porch, to appreciate our planet, and relieve stress everyday!
  • April is National Poetry Month! Write a quick poem for your sweetheart, or make a happy rhyme about how much you love your compression socks! Creativity is a great kick-start for a mind that has been at rest, all winter!
  • Bring on the SUNSHINE! Aside from the ‘April showers that bring May flowers’, we expect to bask in the glow of our bright yellow friend all month long! April gives us that refreshing warmth that is just enough to make us smile!

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