Is it Safe to Air Travel During Pregnancy? How Can I Keep It Safe?

When you are pregnant and planning to travel by air, especially if your flights are longer than usual, you need to dress accordingly. Being too trendy could turn out to be a disaster. Wearing comfortable clothes is the way to go. Wear loose garments. Wear comfortable and roomy shoes instead of your favorite stilettos. Keep yourself properly hydrated at all times and do a little flexing exercise every now and then to keep your joints and muscles mobile.


There are a few conditions where you might need to consult a medical expert before air travel. These include a few months after a surgery and during pregnancy. Air traveling means long periods of inactivity and it poses a potential threat of a very serious condition: deep vein thrombosis. Blood clots can form when you remain inactive for too long. If a clot breaks loose it can move throughout the body and become extremely dangerous if it settles on the lungs. So, the best suggestion is to keep moving (do flexing exercises, stand up and sit down, walk to the washroom, do joint exercises) as often as you remember.

Steps to Safe Air Travel When Pregnant

Of course, the first thing to do is to ask your gynecologist. He/she is the best person to advise whether it is safe for you to be traveling at your stage and condition or not. Next, make sure you are not traveling at a time when you need to have your prenatal tests done. And most importantly, always inform your doctor when you are about to travel and keep his number with you in case of an emergency situation.

  • Take your medicines with you wherever you go and keep them in a handy bag with you. It would help even if your travel destination didn’t have the exact ones in its shops.
  • If you have blood pressure problems, you need to keep this medication with you and drink plenty of water. In case you feel uneasy, ask your air hostess for a blood pressure check.
  • Research all the help you might need at your destination online. You will find loads of communities that would be keen to help you out with auto club numbers and hotel reservation numbers in case you might need them.
  • Some airlines do not allow travel in the last month of pregnancy. Read each airline’s regulations for more information.
  • Wear compression socks so that the blood doesn’t pool up in your legs and feet while you travel. This could become a huge problem for you if you’re pregnant.
  • Wearing a seatbelt is not only safe, it is a must if you’re pregnant. Even if you are not air traveling, use a seatbelt when you are in any vehicle. You can wear the seatbelt below the tummy and above the hip bones.
  • Flying during the last month is not advisable as you can go into labor anytime. It is always a better idea to stay as close as to home as possible.
  • Try to reserve a seat on the aisle so that you can get up to walk (for relaxing and stretching your muscles) or to visit the washroom anytime you need to.

Keeping these tips in mind can help you travel safely when you are pregnant, and not just by air.  Anytime you are required to sit for any length of time, you can encounter some of these same issues, so next time you are in for a long ride, do what you must for your own health.


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