Health Issues Affecting Veterans

There was a time long ago when the only health issue that was really addressed in time of war was: did you come back or not? Death isn’t the only tragedy. Lives are lost, true and heartbreaking enough, but lives are also changed forever through illness, injury, impairment, and the more hidden and hard to detect injuries of the mind and the spirit. The physical and emotional challenges confronted by the veterans of our wars are numerous, too many to count, and as individual and unique as fingerprints. What battles do the brave souls who survive combat face now they have finished their part of the job and want to come home? What will they face as time goes on? What support exists for them when they do finally return? Can they ever really come home for good and return to the life they left? For some, the injuries they suffered are not fully detected until much later, long after they return; the depression, the paranoia and obsession, the emotional damage which prevents them fully returning to their families, and the frustration of having experiences which they can’t share, and even if they did, nobody they know would understand. These are the issues affecting veterans, and throughout this week we are going to take you on an all too brief tour of their story, their concerns, their problems. We’ll examine the trials they face, the support they need and the lives they need so desperately to put back together.

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