Brand Spotlight: medi Compression Socks

Ever tried to wear compression socks to work, but struggled to find compression options that would look like a regular dress sock? Well, you’re in luck: Mediven makes compression socks and stockings for both men and women that are practically a copy of regular dress sock in their aesthetic design, plus they offer a whole host of other options. Read on to discover seven reasons why we love medi compression socks.

Black medi compression sock


They look like regular dress socks.

One of the defining advantages of Mediven compression stockings is that they look like a regular dress sock. No one else but you will know that they are actually compression socks! From the design to the materials to the colors to the knee-high length, these compression socks are expressly meant to mimic the look of a traditional dress sock, allowing you to blend in at the office or the big presentation while still getting the benefits of compression throughout your workday.

A wide variety of colors are offered.

medi compression socks come in a full rainbow of colors: beige, tan, grey, black, navy, blue, purple, red and more. This is a far greater array of colors than many compression stockings, so you have lots of choices when it comes to completing your outfit with compression socks. Whether you want your socks to be the main focal point of your look or to blend in with the rest of your outfit entirely, Mediven has an option for you.

Subtle patterns are an option.

While regular dress socks may look plain from far away, on closer inspection many of them actually sport subtle patterns, adding a touch of design sensibility and setting them apart from run-of-the-mill solid-knit socks. medi compression socks mimic the understated knit patterns of regular dress socks, and different designs feature patterns such as stripes, ribs and waffle knit. Of course, plain knit designs are also available if you prefer to go the classic route.


White medi compression socks

The fabric is comfortable to wear.

Some compression socks are known for being thick, scratchy and hot—but not medi compression socks! The socks are made from a soft fiber blend that is easy on your skin, wicks away moisture, feels like a regular sock, not to mention is easy to put on. Depending on the sock design, they may feature a Clima Fresh system which blocks bacteria growth and kills unpleasant odors, a Clima Comfort system which keeps your feet naturally dry or Lanolin technology which provides extra softness and helps with skin care.

Several levels of compression are available.

Mediven offers a wide spectrum of compression options for needs ranging from mild to severe. The five levels currently available are: 8-15 mmHg (mild), 15-20 mmHg (moderate), 20-30 mmHg (firm), 30-40 mmHg (extra firm) and 40-50 mmHg (severe). Whether you only need mild pressure or you require severe graduated compression, Mediven has got you covered. No matter the level of compression that you need (and therefore the thickness of the material), Mediven compression stockings still look like typical dress socks.

They come in open- and closed-toe designs.

Depending on the compression level provided, Mediven offers both closed- and open-toe stocking designs. Obviously, the closed-toe design looks like a typical dress sock and protects your toes from rubbing against your shoe. However, the open-toe design is more appropriate when a higher compression level (and therefore thicker material) is necessary, as the thicker, tighter compression fabric can restrict the toes in this case.

 medi compression socks


The soles are knit to fit.

Because compression stockings are made from a thicker, stiffer fabric that holds its shape more than your typical thin cotton socks, having two interchangeable feet can lead to a bad fit, discomfort, chafing and more. That’s why Mediven knits their Duomed socks in a pair to anatomically fit either the right or the left foot, so the contours of your toes and sole are properly accommodated. Each sock comes with a tag so you’ll always know which sock belongs on which foot, making them easy to don.

If you’re looking for a classic compression sock you can wear to work, look no further than Mediven. These compression socks and stockings come in a variety of designs and colors that will see you confidently through your workday while you reap the benefits of compression therapy.

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