Blood Is What We Share

This week our focus has been blood and why we need to be more active in sharing ours with those who need it. There are many reasons to give blood. Most people give to help others. To many it’s giving something back, to others it’s the repayment of a debt they owe the persons who donated blood that saved them or a relative. At some time in your life you are likely to need blood and so it’s common sense that you donate and encourage others to do so. Of course not everyone can, but the shocking statistic is that of the 60% who can only 5% do which is something we can all do something about. Find out if you can donate before you assume you can’t. For diseases like cancer, surgery and various kinds of anaemia, blood transfusions are needed to combat the disease itself and the complications that can arise through lack of whole oxygenated blood. Although artificial blood exists, genuine human blood and blood products are the only way to give life to a person in need. Blood products are made from whole blood so each of your donations can help up to three or four people. But in a wider sense it’s socially responsible to give something so precious to those who need it for the good of society as a whole. If we share what we have, then we are all enriched by the transaction.

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