Blood is Life

This week our theme is blood. We all have it, we all need it and we all live better happier and healthier lives if it flows unrestricted through our bodies. Last week’s Blood Donor Day on June 14th  highlighted a cause very close to our hearts, if you’ll pardon the expression, as our work is all in the support of good blood flow and circulation. Blood is life. We care about this and although the awareness day has passed, the need for blood donors is year long. Blood disorders like sickle cell anemia, cancer patients and people requiring major surgery benefit hugely from the 107 million voluntary blood donations every year. If you need any more incentive to donate, consider that 65% of all annual blood transfusions, especially in poor countries, are given to patients under 5 years old. Blood donation is a contribution to life and something we should all do if we can. Of course a pre-existing medical condition sometimes makes it impossible, but that only applies to about 40% of the population. Join us this week as we discover the facts about blood donation, who gives it, why they should and what could happen if they don’t.

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