Bicycling, Health Issues, and Your Feet

We’re well into May, the National Moth of Bicycling, and I figured it was time to start giving out some helpful tips on how to keep your feet happy and healthy when cycling. Many bicyclists have trouble with foot issues, mainly because of a problem with either their form, their gear, or their bicycle. Usually, an adjustment in routine or gear can make a world of difference. Let’s go over one of the most common bicycling feet problems and how to fix it.

Probably one of the more commonly experienced foot problems is the issue of numb toes. Many cyclists experience a numbness in their toes when riding. This is almost always caused by either the shoe you’re wearing, the bike pedal, or the placement of your shoe on the bike pedal. When you have your feet placed incorrectly on your bike pedals, or your shoe is too tight, the circulation to your feet can be restricted, causing numbness in the toes. To fix numb toes, you need to first find out what’s causing the problem. If you think it’s your shoes, then there are a few things that you should adjust. Your toe straps could be too tight or your shoe could be the wrong size. These problems are a quick and easy fix, and they often help quite a bit. However, the problem could also be the fit of your bike or the placement of your cleats. To fix these issues, talk to a professional bike fitter or cyclist to see what you’re doing wrong.

No cyclist likes to experience numb toes. If you do your research and start trying different foot positions and bicycles, you’ll find a significant improvement. Enjoy your biking without any bike issues.

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