6 Reasons Why Vionic Sandals Should Be Your Go-To Summer Shoe

Summer season means sandal season—which means flat soles, no arch support and flimsy straps. Or does it? One of our favorite brands, Vionic unites the comfort of orthopedic soles with the quality of high-end brands and the trends of the most fashionable lines. Here are six reasons we’re loving their sandals this summer:

vionic womens rest kirra sandals

1. Comfortable Soles

Sandals normally feature flat, hard, inflexible soles that hurt after an hour of wear. But all Vionic soles, including their sandal designs, are just as thick, cushy and flexible as your favorite pair of sneakers. Vionic claims that its supportive soles are “addictive,” and once you try on a pair, we think you’ll agree. We know that we do! If you need to wear custom orthotics, look for the select Vionic designs that offer removable footbeds so you can swap in your own personalized inserts.

2. Arch Support

Whether you have a low arch, a medium arch or a high arch, you need arch support—but, unfortunately, sandals (and many shoes in general) don’t offer arch support, even if they do provide a thick sole. Thankfully, Vionic women’s shoes have a reputation for great arch support. Even their sandals will support the arches of your feet, encouraging proper walking and standing posture and working to reduce foot problems such as heel pain and plantar fasciitis. If a podiatrist has told you that you need better arch support, don’t give up on wearing sandals this summer and check out what Vionic has to offer.

vionic womens rest amber sandals

3. Orthaheel Technology™

Vionic didn’t pull the designs for cushy soles and stellar arch support out of thin air. The company has studied the structure of the foot and the way people walk alongside board-certified podiatrist experts. This in-depth knowledge allows them to create shoes—flat, heeled, sandal or otherwise—that promote great foot health and natural alignment as you walk. This Orthaheel Technology™ has made Vionic a global leader in consumer and medical shoes, sandals, boots and other footwear.

4. Trendy Yet Classic Designs

Orthopedic footwear has a reputation for looking like the proverbial “old lady” shoes. While this may have been a fair criticism of orthopedic footwear decades ago, in recent years this footwear has moved forward in leaps and bounds—and Vionic is leading the way. Its shoe designs are classic yet trendy, and Vionic sandals look up-to-the-minute while wearing well over several seasons. For this summer, we’re especially loving their popular Amber sandals with Velcro straps and the Kirra Rest sandal with its leather thong upper. In fact, Vionic footwear is so fashionable that it’s carried by major shoe and department stores alongside other footwear that is on the leading edge of industry trends.

Vionic womens rest bella ii sandals

5. Many Different Styles

There are dozens of sandal designs to choose from: flats, heels, wedges, espadrilles, flip-flops, slip-ons, gladiators, slingbacks, platforms, backstraps…the list goes on–and Vionic makes every single one of them. Whether you need a pair of flat sandals for a long day of walking outside or some heels for a night at a fancy-dress party, Vionic has the summer sandal design you’ve been looking for. If anything, you’ll have trouble deciding between your options, rather than finding what you want.

6. Quality Materials

Vionic’s attention to detail doesn’t stop at the sole. Its shoe uppers are made from long-lasting, quality materials—often leather or suede—that are dyed, cut and stitched with care. The leather conforms to the shape of your foot from the first wear, reducing rubbing and chafing (and the painful blisters that come with it). The thoughtful design touches such as beading, rivets and buckles are also made from quality materials and will last through multiple seasons of wear.

Obviously, we think Vionic sandals are awesome, but don’t take our word for it! Even though it’s early in sandal season, Vionic shoes have already gotten shout outs in numerous major publications, including Health, Men’s Health, Coastal Living, Oprah Mag, Buzzfeed, Travel + Leisure, Good Housekeeping, Yahoo Lifestyle, InStyle, Today.com and more. We know the praise will continue to pile on as more people discover how insanely comfortable and crazy stylish Vionic sandals are.

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